Shoulder Stability

By: Gavin Hemmerlein

Today let’s focus on the second ball and socket joint in the body; the shoulder. The shoulder is by far the most flexible/greatest ROM joint in the human body. It’s not even a close race with the second B&S joint (the hips). To do this, the shoulder is an immensely complex system of muscle, cartilage, and tendons that help the free range of motion. Take a look at the muscular picture:

That picture is full even without diving down deeper. Here are some other muscles and tendons that help for the motion of the entire arm:

The shoulders often get neglected for one reason or another, and it is a shame that that is the case. It can be pulled by another muscle group (pecs, biceps, tris, etc.) into a compromised position. Another reason can be a weakness or imbalance of a muscle group that controls the interior movement of the joint. For this reason, it is imperative that somebody works on their joint rotations to alleviate pain and the potential for injury of the joint.

Check out these exercise links for a list of some great exercises. I was browsing through these, and most of these are what I would suggest to build stability in this often under emphasized area.

Links for earlier pics:


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