The Hammies: Russian Leg Curls and Glute Ham Raises

By: Gavin Hemmerlein

Hey hardcore! Let’s go on a mental journey. You have yourself dialed. You’re getting ready to do a deadlift and while moving through it you get no hip movement. If your problem isn’t the glutes (like we have previously discussed) or the lower back (like we WILL discuss soon), then maybe your issue is that your hammies are week. Well you’re in luck! We’ve got that issue resolver right here!

Glute Ham Raises are probably the best movement for improving the glute strength. The only problem is that you need a machine/proper setup for these. So let’s moreso focus on the Russian Leg Curl. This movement can be done with your body and something heavy such as a couch.

The hamstrings are used for knee flexion and hip extension or bending the knee (as when you step or run) and when you move your hips forward (there’s our deadlift motion). So get to work in building some hardcore legs!

Russian Leg Curls Video

Glute Ham Raises:


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