By: Gavin Hemmerlein

I love bodyweight exercises. Nothing more primal than contorting your body in a way to cause itself to increase the load of resistance. My favorite way for targeting the triceps is just that situation. I could have chosen to do close-grip bench press or a pulldown exercise; those would have been great choices as well. With that being said, triceps are the most available exercise because all you need is a platform of some sort above the floor.

Dips are a great way to develop power for the triceps. It’s a simple movement of pushing your body against gravity, but it has great utility. The tricep is so important for the bench press and the shoulder press that a weakness from this muscle group can really hamper the larger picture. I’m sure everybody has seen these done, but here is a great video for the movement:

See around 1:15 in that video. This is where accessory work will go. Receiving shoulder stability with increased strength while adding weight to the dips? What is not to love about that!