Good Mornings (GM)

By: Gavin Hemmerlein

The final of the major accessory work for the posterior chain; the good morning. This exercise is super taxing on the lower back, so definitely be careful. The erector spinae group of muscles stretch from the neck/head all the way down to just above the tailbone (basically next to the glutes). They help are crucial to extension (raising the back from a parallel to the ground position) and some rotation (twisting at the hips).

While there are very many variations, I only teach a strict GM form (flat or arched back variants). You’ll see that on the next link (EXRX). The reason behind that decision is that the GM is a near compromising position for the lower back. Any variant (seated and rounded back I especially hate) put the spinal column in an extremely compromised state. I don’t care how much you can GM if next week you’re in the doctor’s office with a slipped disc.

Here’s a very great video to watch on this exercise. Some of you may know my love for EliteFTS, so here is another video. I actually teach going a little lower than JL in his form video, but this will actually keep you safer and you shouldn’t lose a much of the benefit.