By: Gavin Hemmerlein

So we once again step outside of exercises to an extent. We will move on to posture, which can be huge for performance as well. When posture is poor, it results in imbalances and most often pain. So, let’s fix that issue (to the best extent we can).
Look at the following picture for a list of the possible issues. The far left is correct posture.

So we see that there are listed 9 possible issues. And to be honest, there can be combinations and varying extents of each. So what can be underlying the problems?
.Your shoulders are rounded forward
.Your chin is tilted up or down
.Your head is leaning forward with your chin out
.You are carrying more weight in the abdominal region
.Your knees are bent backward or forward
.Your back isn’t naturally curving inward

There are really only 3 steps to fix these issues:
1. Find the cause. This is really the issue with anything and there is a reason there are seminars over this stuff. The only way to alleviate a problem is to find the root cause and remedy that issue. With stuff like Root Cause Analysis, 5 Why’s, and so on and so forth… I’d suggest to use this daily for your problems; including posture problems. Treat the disease; Not the symptoms.
2. Program a remedy. Once you know what is causing the problem (muscular or structural), you can start figuring out the proper way to fix it. Foam rolling, stretching, strengthening, etc… These will be your tools. Program accordingly.
3. Reassess regularly. Figure out whether what you’re doing is helping or not and adjust accordingly. This is how it is with ANYTHING in life as well. It’s a feedback system. This is how medical professions, sports, and even engineering works among a few examples. You constantly have the result feeding the rest of the future equations. Do this for your posture and you’ll be sitting pretty.

Those 3 steps work cyclically. And in the end, you’ll hopefully alleviate the imbalances and be in a better situation.

Link for the pictures: